Application Kits

All applications for a new license or registration must now be submitted through the online system "ALECS" (Application, Licensing, Examination, Compliance System). Any paper application received that is postmarked September 1, 2015 or later will be returned to the applicant with instructions for re-filing.

Apply online with ALECS

Only transfer applications may be submitted by mail:
Kit: Transfer of License

Changes- Current Licensed Location

Make changes online with ALECS

To mail in changes, use Amendment or Change to License for:

Name (DBA)





Principal Party Required Forms

Personal Affidavit

Personal Employment History

Personal Questionnaire

Individual License Forms

Amendment or Change to License
(To be used for address changes, activation/inactivation of licenses, name changes, etc)

Application and License Fees

Application for New License or Transfer of License

Application Questionnaire

Assignment of Statutory (Registered) Agent

Business Operations Plan

Disclosure of Principal Parties

Exemption: Five or Less

Exemption: Second Degree of Consanguinity or Affinity

Financial Statement- Personal

Financial Statement: Schedules 1 - 3

Financial Statement: Schedules 4 - 6

New Application Checklist

Personal Affidavit

Personal Employment History

Personal Financial Statement

Personal Questionnaire

Statement of Records/Record Keeping

Statement of Experience

Transfer of License Checklist


All licensing documents are presented as PDF-fillable forms. Acrobat Reader is required to view, download, and complete forms. You must save all forms to your computerbefore entering data. Failure to do so may result in loss of data and files.