The Texas Finance Code prohibits sellers of goods and services from imposing a credit card surcharge. This means that a seller is not allowed to add an extra amount to the regular price of a good or service when the buyer pays by credit card, as opposed to some other payment method.

The OCCC enforces the credit card surcharge prohibition. If you believe that a seller is violating the law, you can file a complaint here.

Starting September 1, 2017, enforcement authority for the credit card surcharge will be transferred from the OCCC to the Office of the Attorney General, as provided by SB 560 (2017), enacted by the Texas Legislature 

Texas law also prohibits debit card surcharges, but the OCCC does not enforce this prohibition. The Texas Attorney General is responsible for enforcing the debit card surcharge prohibition. If you would like to file a complaint about a merchant that is imposing a surcharge on debit or stored value card purchases, please contact the Consumer Protection Division at the Attorney General’s office. You may complete their online complaint form or call the Consumer Protection Hotline at (800) 621-0508.


Advisory Bulletins

Alternatives to Credit Card Surcharges (Revised July 31, 2017)