The OCCC can provide your organization with a speaker and/or exhibitor at your next event either in-person or online at no cost to you! We can make a presentation to your in-person group of at least 15 people (in English or Spanish).

The agency has information available on credit and budgeting basics for consumers, consumer rights and responsibilities among other topics. Credit information is delivered through:

  • Presentations at community events
  • Online webinars
  • Participation in workshops with other education-oriented organizations
  • Press releases and public service announcements
  • Internet publications
  • Distribution of brochures
  • Outreach to high school students and teachers
  • Other internal and external publications and presentations

Both consumers and education organizers can contact this department Monday through Friday to discuss the potential for an agency presentation at an event. Most decisions regarding events are made within two to four days. Brochure requests are usually filled within two weeks of being ordered. The OCCC offers its own credit education services and partners with non-profit educational and debt-counseling programs to promote credit-wise decision making by Texas consumers.

If you have questions about credit education or would like a presentation for your group, contact the education coordinator at 512.936.7639 or via

We look forward to hearing from you soon!