Pawn Shops- must be licensed before they can operate. If a license is being transferred, special permission must be obtained for temporary operation.

Pawn Employees-may work as though licensed if:

       They have applied for a pawn employee license, and it has not been issued or denied

       They have worked as a pawnbroker for less than 75 days



To renew licenses of shops and/or employees:

1. Log into ALECS

2. Click on  “Manage My Business” on the left hand menu

3. Select the option "Renew License" for shops or "Renew Pawn Employees"

How to Guide- Pawn Employee Renewal


1. Log into ALECS

2. Click on  “Manage My Business” on the left hand menu

3. The buyer should initiate the process by requesting approval from the seller. You will need the sellers MasterFile to initiate the request. 


Video Guide- Pawn Employee Application

Video Guide- Update Employment

Create a Pawn Employee Account 

Apply for a Pawn Employee License (self pay)

Apply for a Pawn Employee License (employer will pay fee)

Criminal History- Required Documents

Manage Your ALECS Account (Change Email, Password, or Security Questions)

Update Employment 

To print a license, employees should create an ALECS account and print under "Manage My Business".


Your Employees

Search- See if employee licensed

Company Level Options in ALECS  (Termination Notices, etc.)

Your Company

New license applications must be submitted online using ALECS 

Changes must be submitted online using ALECS unless instucted otherwise by OCCC.

Manage Your ALECS Account (Change Email, Password, or Security Questions)

Checklist - New License 

Submit your transfer through ALECS unless instucted otherwise by OCCC.

Kit- Transfer of Pawnshop License Application

Checklist - Transfer License

Small County Change (less than 250,000 people)- Only to be used if instructed by OCCC not to use ALECS.

Large County Change (more than 250,000 people)- Only to be used if instructed by OCCC not to use ALECS.


Principal Party Required Forms

Personal Affidavit

Personal Employment History

Personal Questionnaire

Forms in alphabetical order:

Application for Transfer of License Financial Statement: Schedules 4 - 6
Application Questionnaire Personal Affidavit
Assignment of Statutory (Registered) Agent


Bank Confirmation

Personal Employment History
Disclosure of Principal Parties Personal Financial Statement
Fee Worksheet Personal Questionnaire
Financial Statement Statement of Experience
Financial Statement: Schedules 1 - 3 Statement of Records

All licensing documents are presented as PDF-fillable forms. Acrobat Reader is required to view, download, and complete forms. You must save all forms to your computerbefore entering data. Failure to do so may result in loss of data and files.