Motor Vehicle Sales & Commercial Motor Vehicle Sales Finance licenses are now open for renewal online in ALECS. All MVSF and CMVSF licenses must be renewed by 10/31/2020 to avoid cancellation. 

To renew your OCCC Finance license, please follow the steps below:

  1. Log in to ALECS
  2. Click on Manage My Business (left hand column)
  3. Click on “Renew License” under the License heading
  4. Select the license type you hold from the drop down menu at the top
  5. Click the box(es) of the license(s) you need to renew
  6. Check the “By checking this box, I confirm that I would like to renew the selected licenses.” Box
  7. Click License Renewal and complete the payment information


Motor Vehicle Sales Finance Licensed Location: $360** (Applying a discount of 22%)
MVSF Registered Office: $330** (Applying a discount of 23%)


CMVSF Licensed Location: $460
CMVSF Registered Office: $430

(Registered Office - Additional locations/licenses under the same entity or under the same Sole Proprietor

All MVSF & CMVSF licenses acquired/approved before to October 1, 2020 must be renewed to avoid cancellation. (Ex: If your license was approved on September 30, 2020 you will need to renew before October 31, 2020 to avoid cancellation of your license.)

To print your license: Click on Manage My Business, click “Print License”. Select “Motor Vehicle Sales Finance” or "Commercial Motor Vehicle Sales Finance" from the “Select License” drop down at the top and the select the box next to the license you want to print and click on “PDF To Print”. (OCCCC MVSF & CMVSF licenses do not display an expiration date. You do not need to print a new one unless you do not already have it on display at the place of business. )

Confirm your renewal: Click on “Dashboard” from the menu on the left and from the “My Business Tab” you can view the renewed date. If the date is 09/01/2020 or after you are renewed for the 2020-2021 fiscal year.

If your license(s) does not come up when following the steps above, click on “Dashboard” and then on the “My New Requests” and the “My business Transactions” tab to see if there are not any initiated transactions there. If there are, you will need to delete these initiated transactions in order to be able to complete the renewal. If you need to modify your principal parties, we strongly recommend that you complete the renewal before you submit the principal transaction.

If you are creating an ALECS account for the first time and receive the red message that states, “The SSN/FEIN is found in our System and already claimed by an OCCC User”, the system is alerting you that an account has already been created/exists. A license can only be accessed and renewed from the original account the license was approved from.

If you are unable to complete the renewal after following the steps above, please email us at or have your Masterfile or license number ready and call 512-936-7605.

**The maximum rate that can be charged is up to $460 for licensed locations and $430 for registered offices for annual renewal pursuant to Texas Administrative Code, Title 7, Rule 84.611.

The renewal period for MVSF & CMVSF should begin on October 1 based on the OCCC’s rule Title 7, Section 84.617 of the Texas Administrative Code. Due to COVID-19, the OCCC is making renewal available beginning on September 9, 2020. The OCCC encourages license holders to renew license as soon are they are able to do so during the renewal period.