Pawn Shop & Pawn Employee Renewal Now Open In ALECS


Pawn Shop Licensed Location: $250** + 2021 Volume Fees Inactive*
Pawn Shop License: $250 + 2021 Volume Fees
The annual renewal fee for a pawnshop employee license is $25. (Only applicable to pawn shops that opted in to license their employees through the OCCC).

(*Inactive – License is not in use and business is NOT conducting activity pertaining to the license. Licenses not inactivated before 05/01/2022 will pay the Pawn Shop Licensed Location Amount of $250+2021 volume fees. Inactivating a license while the business is still conducting activity covered under Texas Finance Code 371 could be subject to unlicensed activity penalties.) **The maximum rate that can be charged is up to $625 per license for annual renewal pursuant to Texas Administrative Code, Title 7, Rule 85.211.

Once you are ready to complete your renewal payment, begin by:

  1. Logging in to ALECS
  2. Click on Manage My Business (left hand column)
  3. Click on “Renew License” under the License heading
  4. Select PAWN SHOP from the drop-down menu at the top *****If your license(s) does not come up, click “Dashboard” > “My business Transactions” tab in the center of the screen and look for any items with an Initiated status. If there are, you will need to delete these initiated transactions and repeat steps 2-7 in order to be able to complete the renewal. *****
  5. Click the box(es) of the license(s) you need to renew
  6. Check the “By checking this box, I confirm that I would like to renew the selected licenses.” box
  7. Click License Renewal and complete the payment information

If you experience technical difficulties, please email us a screen shot of the issue to

Frequently Asked Questions

To opt in/out of licensing your employees through the OCCC, click on Manage My Business > Pawn Employee Optin/OptOut (under the Pawn Shop Business Options) > From the drop down you can change your response. The current option will appear first. Once you make your selection, click on save.

How Do I Print My License? Click on Manage My Business, click “Print License”. Select “Pawn Shop” from the “Select License” drop down at the top and the select the box next to the license you want to print and click on “PDF To Print”. (OCCC PAWN SHOP licenses do not display an expiration date. You do not need to print a new one unless you do not already have it on display at the place of business.)

How Do I Confirm My Renewal? Click on “Dashboard” from the menu on the left and from the “My Business Tab” you can view the renewed date. If the date is 05/01/2022 or after you are renewed for the 2022 fiscal year.

I have ceased all activity pertaining to the license and will not be renewing, how do I proceed? IF the business has ceased ALL activity covered under the applicable chapter of the Texas Finance Code, the business may submit a surrender request in ALECS under Manage My Business. The request will be go under review. A business that surrenders an OCCC license while the still conducting activity covered under the applicable chapter of the Texas Finance Code could be subject to unlicensed activity penalties.

If you are creating an ALECS account for the first time and receive the red message that states, “The SSN/FEIN is found in our System and already claimed by an OCCC User”, the system is alerting you that an account has already been created/exists. A license can only be accessed and renewed from the original account the license was approved from.