OCCC warns consumers of scheme

The Office of Consumer Credit Commissioner is warning consumers that its 1-800 telephone helpline has recently been used by spoofing actors. Consumers, some of them from outside of Texas, have reported receiving calls, purportedly from the OCCC helpline (800-538-1579). Some of those who connected the call reported that no one spoke, and was disconnected within seconds. While not evidently harmful, it has been a nuisance.

OCCC’s 800 number is for incoming calls only. The agency does not and cannot make outgoing calls from the 800 number. Anyone receiving a call indicated as coming from the 800 number is encouraged to refuse the call. OCCC would appreciate reports of such spoof calls – please call our main number at 512-936-7600 and ask for the security officer.

Awareness of such illicit actions, and declining to participate in whatever malicious actions may be attempted, is the best countermeasure available for guarding against spoofing attempts. Thank you.