The information shown on this site, and contained within the printable materials, is designed to provide you with information and resources to help you better understand events and choices that impact your personal finances. The information does not identify every resource or informational site available; it does provide a variety of resources to help you develop your financial literacy skills and knowledge.

Note: some resources may contain additional links to more resources; some resources are free while others may require payment for materials or services provided. The Office of Consumer Credit does not endorse or specifically recommend one resource over another. Click here to download a copy.

These Websites Provide General Information and Resources
Finding Help in Texas
Dial 2-1-1 or toll-free at 1-877-541-7905
TTY Access: 1-877-833-4211     
2-1-1 Texas is a free, anonymous social service hotline that connects individuals with information and resources in your local community. 
Dallas Federal Reserve: Building Wealth Personal finance education resource that presents an overview of wealth-building strategies for consumers.
Cornerstone Financial Education Education resource on credit, budgeting, homebuying and debt.
Feed the Pig Helpful tools, articles, and tips to reduce debt and grow your savings. 
Financial literacy Coalition of Central Texas (FLCCT) Free financial education classes and financial literacy resources for individuals residing in the Austin area.  
My Money
Government website providing education to help manage and grow your money. 
FDIC The FDIC’s Consumer Response Center is responsible for investigating all types of consumer complaints about FDIC-supervised institutions and responding to consumer inquiries about consumer laws and regulations. 
Texas Financial Toolbox Connection to classes, events, one-on-one counseling and home buyer programs to help consumers reach their home ownership goals. 
United Ways of Texas Local chapters provide financial education and individual counseling to increase the financial stability and health of their community.
Smart About Money (SAM) In-depth guided learning courses and financial education tools.
Senior Citizens' Resources Links to organizations that provide resources for seniors on various financial and life planning topics. 
Attorney General of Texas Focus on unfair and deceptive business practices that target seniors, as well as consumer education for seniors and their families.
Attorney General of Texas
The Consumer Protection department provides assistance with filing complaints against businesses you may have a dispute with. The department also works to spread awareness of consumer rights and common scams. 
Consumer Financial Protection Bureau The CFPB enforces federal consumer financial laws to protect consumers in the marketplace. The CFPB takes consumer complaints and monitors financial markets for new risks to consumers.