Confidential and Exempt Information

Here is a brief listing of the types of information protected from disclosure by the Texas Public Information Act or other laws and statutes. This list is by no means exhaustive, but it does cover the confidential items found in the documents most commonly requested from the Office of Consumer Credit Commissioner.

  • Social security numbers
  • Bank account numbers, bank access codes, or bank routing information
  • Motor vehicle record information (for example: driver's license numbers, license plate numbers, vehicle identification numbers or VINs, motor vehicle title applications or receipts)
  • Certain email addresses
  • Criminal history information
  • Highly intimate or embarrassing information in which the public has no legitimate interest (for example: personal medical information)
  • Personal financial information of complainants, such as the dollar amounts or interest rates pertaining to a transaction or an individually-held bank account (unless the individual’s identity is withheld instead)
  • Certain trade secret or proprietary information of licensees or registrants
  • Certain annual or quarterly data report information of licensees (aggregate information published on OCCC's website)
  • All examination and investigation information
  • Copyrighted information