How to Request Consumer Complaints

The OCCC assists consumers in resolving complaints or disputes against the businesses it licenses and regulates.  Complaint information may be available when requested in writing from the OCCC’s Public Information Officer. 

When requesting complaint information, please specify the format you prefer and whether you would like to receive consumer-identifying information or financial transaction information.  More information on these options is included below,

Format Options

The OCCC releases complaint information in three formats:

  1. Spreadsheet
  2. Summary
  3. Full Complaint File


You may request a spreadsheet of complaints provided at no cost.  The spreadsheet includes basic information about the complaint such as:

  • dates the complaints were received and closed;
  • number of days open;
  • company master file and license numbers;
  • company contact information; and
  • type of complaint (e.g., interest rate, charges/fees, collections).


You may request a complaint summary. The summary will include basic information about the complaint and staff member notes. Complaint summaries may contain confidential information that cannot be released, and may be costly to produce. 

Full Complaint File

You may request a copy of the full complaint file that includes a copy of the complaint summary and supplementary documents (for complaints received over the last four years). Complaint files received more than four years ago are destroyed in accordance with record retention requirements. Full complaint files are likely to include confidential information that cannot be released and may be costly to produce.

Confidential Information

Consumer complaint documents may contain personal financial data or other confidential information of the complainant that cannot be released.  Generally, the OCCC must request a determination from the Open Records Division of the Texas Attorney General’s Office to withhold such information.  However, to expedite the fulfillment of your request, you can agree to allow the OCCC to withhold confidential information.

In order to protect the personal financial privacy of consumers, we recommend you request either consumer identifiers or financial information.

  1. When consumer identifiers are requested, the OCCC will redact (obscure or remove) any personal financial information. You would receive consumer  identities but none of the specifics of their transactions; OR
  2. When financial information is requested, the OCCC will redact (obscure or remove) any consumer identifiers. You would receive the financial transaction information, but none of the information that identifies the consumer.

Some additional items will be redacted pursuant to the Texas Public Information Act or other statutes. Such redactions include: social security numbers, driver's license numbers, and personal email addresses.