Fingerprint Appointments

How to Schedule a Print Appointment


1. Go to:

2. Enter Code: 11B2B4

3. Click to schedule a print appointment

OR If you are not in Texas, click on "Submit a Finger print Card by Mail". Do not select this option unless you are out of the state. 

4. Enter personal information 

5. Enter Assigned Number (see below)

  • Pawn Employees- Enter "cd-" followed by the last 5 digits of social security number. Example: cd-45685
  • All others- Enter "cd-" followed by ALECS application number.  Example: cd-15567 

 6. Follow remaining online instructions, and view  Fingerprint Scheduling Form 



Fingerprint appointments are required for all principal parties after submitting an application for the following: 

Commercial Motor Vehicle


Credit Access Business

Pawn Employee

Debt Management Settlement Providers

Property Tax Lender

Motor Vehicle Sales Finance

Regulated Lender

To avoid application denial:

ALL principal parties for the above industries must submit fingerprints .

What a principal party is:

Sole proprietors- The owner. If  married, their spouse. (unless a prenuptial, premarital, partition, or other legal agreement shows the business is the sole proprietor's separate property, their spouse is a principal party)

LLCs- Usually any person with 5% or more of ownership. If another entity has 5% or more of ownership, additional requirements must be met. View the FAQ for more information. 

Other entity types, see the FAQ.

Still have print questions? See the Finger Print FAQ.