Fingerprint Appointments

How to Schedule a Print Appointment


1. Go to:

2. Enter Code: 11B2B4                                                                                                                                                                                                 *You must enter this service code when setting up your appointment for fingerprints. This step ensures that the OCCC receives your fingerprint results. Your application could be delayed or denied if the OCCC does not receive your fingerprint results in a timely manner. If you do not find the field to input this code, verify that you are at the link above. If you continue to have issues please contact IDENTOGO at (844) 321-2124.

3. Click to schedule a print appointment

OR If you are not in Texas, click on "Submit a Finger print Card by Mail". Do not select this option unless you are out of the state. 

4. Enter personal information 

5. Enter Assigned Number (see below)

     -Pawn Employees- Enter "CD-" followed by the last 5 digits of social security number. Example: cd-45685

     -All others- Enter "CD-" followed by ALECS application number.  Example: cd-15567 

 6. Follow remaining online instructions, and view  Fingerprint Scheduling Form 



Fingerprint appointments are required for all principal parties after submitting an application for the following: 

Commercial Motor Vehicle


Credit Access Business

Pawn Employee

Debt Management Settlement Providers

Property Tax Lender

Motor Vehicle Sales Finance

Regulated Lender

To avoid application denial:

ALL principal parties for the above industries must submit fingerprints .

What a principal party is:

Sole proprietors- The owner. If  married, their spouse. (unless a prenuptial, premarital, partition, or other legal agreement shows the business is the sole proprietor's separate property, their spouse is a principal party)

LLCs- Usually any person with 5% or more of ownership. If another entity has 5% or more of ownership, additional requirements must be met. View the FAQ for more information. 

Other entity types, see the FAQ.

Still have print questions? See the Finger Print FAQ.