Complaint Resolution Process

About the OCCC and its Responsibilities

The Office of Consumer Credit Commissioner (OCCC) licenses and regulates non-depository lenders providing consumer loans to Texas residents. We also register creditors who sell goods or services on credit terms.

This office answers questions and assists Texas consumers in resolving issues against regulated companies in Texas concerning pawn transactions, secondary mortgage and home equity loans, motor vehicle sales financing, and property tax loans. We also oversee businesses that offer payday and auto title loans, debt management and debt settlement providers, crafted precious metal dealers, and registered creditors. We protect consumers and assist creditors in resolving complaints and disputes. We establish the facts and apply the appropriate statutes or, when warranted, mediate solutions. 

State law prohibits our office or other State of Texas agencies from giving individual citizens legal advice or opinions or acting as their private attorney. If you seek to recover monetary damages, you should consult a private attorney to inform you of your rights and possible remedies.

The Office of Consumer Credit commissioner will not intervene if the matter is in litigation or a court has made a ruling,  

Prior to filing a complaint against a business regulated by the OCCC, be aware that your complaint and the information you provide may be available to the public under the Texas Public Information Act (chapter 552 of the Texas Government Code). All complaints and accompanying information are presumed to be open records unless specifically excepted by law.  Records not excepted must be provided when properly requested. (Privacy Policy)

Your complaint will be included in our Complaint Database for future reference and subject to the OCCC’s record retention policy. Generally, this information is available to both public and private entities under the Texas Public Information Act.

If you had general question you can contact our Consumer Assistance helpline and speak with one of our Investigators 1-800-538-1579.

If you have a consumer complaint:

  1. First, contact the business. Attempt to resolve the complaint directly. A vast majority of companies value your business and prefer to resolve the issue amicably. When dealing with company personnel about your problem or concerns, attempt to secure promises, adjustments or other conditions in writing so as to document your results.
  2. Seek help. If the issue is not resolved to your satisfaction or the company is unresponsive to your inquiries, then file a complaint with the Office of Consumer Credit Commissioner, Better Business Bureau, or a small claims court. Your complaint should provide as much detail as possible. In other words, the complaint should provide who, what, where, when and why.
  • OCCC Jurisdiction: Due to statutory authority, this agency may not be in a position to assist you in the resolution of your complaint. We will attempt to locate the responsible authority—whether local, state or federal—and advise you or refer your complaint to the appropriate agency. Either way, we will notify you in writing.
  • Complaint Types: The OCCC acts on written complaints. Written complaints must include copies of all relevant documents. We will assist, where possible, on oral and electronic complaints. Oral and electronic complaints generally involve verification of contract information, interest rate assessments, and inquiries concerning wrongdoings of business entities and/or Texas Finance Code violations.

OCCC dispute resolution process

Complaints are processed in the following manner: The complaint is assigned to a member of our Consumer Assistance Staff who determines if the complaint is within our jurisdiction. We will attempt to resolve your complaint in the most expedient manner, either over the telephone or through written correspondence, with the business entity in question. If, at any time, we need more information, we will contact you. If you need to provide us with additional information, please do so in writing. If we are unable to address the complaint by telephone or mail, it may be assigned to a field examiner for investigation and resolution. In any event, we will notify you. We will keep your complaint on file so that we can monitor business practices in the marketplace.

Tips for filling out a complaint online.

These tips can help you give us all the information we need to investigate your complaint.

  • Consumer Information: This section is provided for your contact information. If you file a complaint with our agency and expect restitution, it is imperative that we can get in contact with you. Correct and current information would be best.
  • Company You Are Complaining About: The more information we have about the company you have a complaint about, the better. Include the names of individuals you have spoken/dealt with at that company whenever possible.
  • Account Information: Information on your account, as the company you are complaining about tracks it, would be helpful as well. In rare instances, there are more people who share the same name, or relatives with similar names, that throw off the efforts by the company in question to locate your account information. We would like to ensure any possible credits or refunds are applied to the proper account.
  • Complaint Information: A short narrative on the events is especially helpful, so we can better assess the situation as it applies to your complaint. Please include as many details as possible. It also tells us what you would consider restitution (if any applies).

Residential Mortgage Loan Originator Recovery Fund.

If you applied for a residential mortgage loan from an OCCC licensee (including a secondary mortgage, property tax loan, or manufactured home loan), you may be able to receive money from the OCCC's residential mortgage loan originator recovery fund.