Property Tax Lenders


A property tax lender makes loans to property owners to pay delinquent or due property taxes. The lender receives a superior tax lien allowing it to foreclose on the property if the loan is not repaid on time.

A property tax lender is a person who engages in the business of making, transacting, or negotiating property tax loans; or contracts for, charges, or receives, directly or indirectly, in connection with a property tax loan subject to chapter 351 of the Finance Code, a charge, including interest, compensation, consideration, or another expense, authorized under this chapter.  

These lenders facilitate loans to property owners to pay off property taxes when the property owner can't pay. Property tax lenders will make loans against due or delinquent property taxes. 


Acquiring Licensing & Existing Licensees

Advisory Bulletins



Administrative Action Report

Property Tax Lender Administrative Action Report - Fiscal Year 2018

Statutes & Rules

These are the primary statutes and rules that apply to property tax lenders. This is not a complete list of laws that property tax lenders are required to comply with.

Primary State Statute
Chapter 32, Texas Tax Code: Tax Liens and Personal Liability 
Chapter 351, Texas Finance Code: Property Tax Lenders

OCCC's Rules
Title 7, Chapter 89, Texas Administrative Code

Other State Statutes
Texas Constitution and Statutes

Federal Statutes & Rules
U.S. Government Publishing Office