Regulated Lenders

Regulated consumer loans are made at rates of interest greater than 10%. Non-depository lenders who engage in making, transacting, or collecting loans with a rate of interest greater than 10% must be licensed by the OCCC. The most common types of regulated loans are made under one of two rate structures described in Chapter 342 of the Texas Finance Code



Acquiring Licensing & Existing Licensees

Advisory Bulletins & Disclosures


Examination Process

Contract Submission 

Reviewed Regulated Loan Software Vendors


Administrative Action Report

Regulated Lender Administrative Action Report - Fiscal Year 2018

Statutes & Rules

These are the primary statutes and rules that apply to regulated lenders. This is not a complete list of laws that regulated lenders are required to comply with.

Primary State Statute
Chapter 342, Texas Finance Code: Consumer Loans

OCCC's Rules
Title 7, Chapter 83, Texas Administrative Code

Title 7, Chapter 90, Texas Administrative Code (plain language contract provisions)

Other State Statutes
Texas Constitution and Statutes

Federal Statutes & Rules
U.S. Government Publishing Office