New Motor Vehicle Sales Finance License Application:

Application must be submitted online, using ALECS

Application Checklist


Existing Licensee:

Add Registered Office - Application must be submitted online, using ALECS

Changes to license- Make changes online with ALECS.

Only if instructed to do so by OCCC staff should you mail Amendment or Change to License.

Transfer Existing License Application:

How to transfer a license through ALECS (recommended): TRANSFER A LICENSE

To begin sign in to ALECS

 General Transfer of License Kit (All forms may not apply to your circumstances.)  



How to Submit an application on ALECS- A step by step guide with screen shots.

How to Transfer a Motor Vehicle Sales Finance License

Application Checklist

How to Create an ALECS Account-A step by step guide with screen shots.

Transfer of License General Checklist

If you have specific legal questions, please seek the advice of an attorney.


Principal Party Required (personal) forms:

Personal Affidavit

Personal Employment History

Personal Questionnaire

Forms in alphabetical order:

Application and License Fees Personal Affidavit
Application for Transfer of License Personal Employment History
Application Questionnaire Personal Questionnaire
Assignment of Statutory (Registered) Agent Statement of Experience
Business Operation Plan Statement of Records/Record Keeping
Disclosure of Principal Parties Statement of Retail Installment Contracts
New Application Checklist Transfer of License Checklist

For documents presented as PDF-fillable forms, Acrobat Reader is required to view, download, and complete. You must save all forms to your computer before entering data.